Here you can donate feed direct to TAK by selecting a feed item which will be provided directly to the rescue, just click on the picture and follow payment instructions!
Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free
Given to those that need extra nutrients to improve thier hooves whilst recovering from exisiting Laminitus.

It conatins essential high fibre and is low in sugar and starch.
Thank You!
Special Feeds for Special Ponies
Thank you from all at TAK Pony Rescue for your generous donations,  we simply couldn't do it without you!
Our Ponies and Foals need special care and that includes a diet created specially for them by us and our Vetinary experts.

Some feeds are used to build up thin and under fed ponies whilst others are used to help reduce weight without shock.
Top Spec Cool Balancer
Conditioning Mix
Mare & Youngstock
Top Chop Zero
TopSpec Cool Balancer promotes condition and topline in horses and ponies. *Special Offer Price!
A nutritionally ballanced feed for those that arrive in foal to help boost rebiotics and vitamins.
For horses and ponies that need to gain condition in a controlled way.
For horses and ponies that are overweight and need an exceptionally low-calorie source of mature forage.
Stud and Youngstock Mix
Pony Cubes
Healthy Hooves Mol Free
Formulated to meet high nutritional demands of our growing youngstock.
A high quality straight feed that can help bulk out a diet or add a bit of taste whilst taking medicines.
Pony cubes are low in cereal starch. Ideal for horses and ponies with low to medium energy requirements.
For healthy hooves but without the molasses coating for those prone to laminitus.
Dengie Healthy Tummy
A complete, high-calorie fibre feed containing the latest ingredients known to promote gut health including alfalfa.