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Registered Charity number: 1191364
TAK Rescue
Who Are We 
TAK pony rescue is organised by a group of animal lovers who have come together with the sole intention of helping save and re-home unwanted and poorly ponies.
Passport to a Good Life 
All our rescues are chipped and have their very own Passport ensuring they belong to Todwick and Kiveton Pony Rescue and cannot end up at the meat market.
Emergency Contact

 07970 488737 or 
0114 287 2478
"Thank you from all at TAK Ponie Rescue for your generous donations!"
Jan cope 
Owner and founder of TAK - Todwick and Kiveton ponies rescue and rehoming centre.
Success Stories
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Donations play a very big part of our rescue and you can help us with our feed costs, medical fees and all the other equine needs by donating direct through PayPal or by using our Amazon Smile Link, when you purchase from Amazon they will donate direct to us.
You can also buy feed for us direct, follow the link below and select which feed you would like, you will then pay for that feed:
We are avaiable on Facebook, Phone, Email or you can submit your message here:
Emergency Contact

 07970 488737 or 0114 287 2478

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